UPCOMING GIVEAWAY: July 25th (@dellespeegle)

Frequently Asked Questions



Is This Giveaway Real?

Yes! We are 100% legit!

All of our prizes are authentic and purchased directly from the official brand store or qualified retailer.

You can see all our past winners on our Instagram highlights.

Don’t fall for scammers. The only accounts that we will reach out to winners from is @socialstance or @socialstance.media. These are our only accounts.

Do not give impersonators any of your personal information.

How Do I Enter?

Entry is 3 easy steps!

  1. Go to our page @socialstance or @socialstance.media on Instagram.
  2. Follow all the accounts we are following.
  3. Like post and tag 2 friends in separate comments on the post.


Make sure your account is set to PUBLIC.

Don’t forget about our bonus entry! Follow the link in our Instagram bio during the giveaway or via the Bonus entry tab on our website.

How Is The Winner Selected?

The winner is chosen randomly by an independent third party. We don’t have any say in who wins the giveaway.

Is The Giveaway Available Worldwide?

Yes, our giveaways are available worldwide!

If I Message or DM You Do I Have A Better Chance of Winning?

Nope. We might read your DM’s but it will not increase your chances of winning the giveaway.

When Will You Announce A Winner

Each giveaway has an end date stated in the caption of the post, then it takes our team a few days to verify the winner before we are able to announce it.

Please be patient with us, we will always post the winner on our Instagram page and on our website.



How Do I Participate As One of The Accounts You Follow?

If you’d like more information on participating in upcoming campaigns, fill out the form HERE.

Someone from our team will get in touch with you via email with all the details on our giveaways.

How Do I Pay

Payment is simple and quick!

Once you’ve talked with someone on our Social Stance Team, we will send an invoice through Shopify to your email along with an electronic agreement.

What's The Next Step After Payment?

Once you’ve paid the invoice and signed the electronic agreement, you are all set for the campaign to launch!

Am I Required to Post About The Giveaway On My Page?

No, you aren’t required to post anything on your page about the giveaway.

Some participants choose to plan their posts during the giveaway to engage with all the new followers. We recommend introducing yourself or your brand to your new audience.

Can I Repost The Giveaway On My Main Feed? 

You may repost the giveaway post on your page for the duration of the giveaway. After the giveaway has ended, the image must be taken down.

What Kind of Results Do Your Campaigns Deliver?

We make no projections, predictions, promises, or guarantees of the results from our campaigns.

We do everything we can to make sure these giveaways are successful and we strive to produce an end product that you are happy with. But ultimately, once the influencer posts, it's up to their followers to engage with the giveaway and we can't control the outcome of how many followers you will gain.

You can find our past results on our site.

The stats achieved from past campaigns should not be used as a reference for a promised outcome.

We take pride in our ability to produce an increase in followers for each campaign. Our goal is to direct a qualified and targeted audience to your Instagram page that will be interested in your brand and keep following you for a long time.

We have also implemented an email list. Through that, we can help the brands we work with to get into inboxes and help foster either sales or brand growth in an alternative way, outside of strict follower growth.

Our giveaways are proven to be a successful and genuine way to grow your social media presence with real followers.